Houses before spouses: the best and worst states for single homeowners

by Emily Seay

House hunting was traditionally a couples’ game until Millennials and Gen Zers came into the picture. Now, many young individuals are plunging into the market solo.

States with the most single homeowners

There are 35.2 million homes owned by single Americans, according to Pew Research Center. Drawing from the U.S. Census as well as surveys of single homeowners, a recent report from All Star Homes lays out which U.S states have the most single homeowners and how those homeowners feel about owning and managing a property. All Star Homes also surveyed young homeowners to see their feelings surrounding owning and managing a property alone.

All Star Homes found the state with the most single homeowners is Mississippi, followed by Louisiana at No. 2 and New Mexico at No. 3.

In general, the South showed a significant number of single homeowners: Seven of the top 10 states with the most single homeowners are in the South.

The full list includes:

1. Mississippi
2. Louisiana
3. New Mexico
4. Nevada
5. Georgia
6. Alabama
7. South Carolina
8. New York
9. Maryland
10. Florida

States with the most single homeowners by gender

Breaking down the rankings by gender, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina are the top five states for single women homeowners, coinciding with the data for single homeowners, generally.

However, the data concerning male single homeowners does not align with the overall list. California, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Michigan are the top five states with the most male single homeowners.

Top reasons for single homeowners to buy a home

All Star Homes find the top reasons for purchasing a home to be: owning property (72% of respondents) owning space (64%), no landlord (44%), more space (38%) and the rising cost of rent (36%).

For Gen Z and Millennial single homeowners, the average age purchased for first home was twenty-eight, and 70% envisioned themselves as a single homeowner.

Financial worries of single homeowners

Buying a home solo isn’t cheap, though. The average price of a home in the U.S is $208,469 with an average down payment of $41,525. The All Star Homes survey shows over two in three single homebuyers made this investment with no outside help while 32% needed assistance.

To pay for the high costs, most individuals seek financial help from government programs or family. The average gift from family was $41,819.

Aside from the actual money needed to buy a home, 65% of singles said they were concerned about covering other expenses such as mortgage and property taxes. Meanwhile, 63% said they worried about home maintenance. The same number, 63% also said they wished they had someone to share home costs and maintenance with.

Despite owning their own homes, 59% of respondents believe becoming a single homeowner is unattainable now in 2023.

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