Buyer’s agents play a vital role in growing homeownership

by Nora Aguirre

As the president of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals for 2024, it is my honor to discuss the importance of representing first-time homebuyers and the vital role of the buyer’s agent in this process. Our mission at NAHREP is to increase sustainable Hispanic homeownership, which we view as a gateway to the middle class. This vision is deeply personal to me, having started my career in real estate as a translator for my parents during their homebuying process.

Our focus on first-time homebuyers is driven by a belief that homeownership is not just about having a place to live; it is about building wealth and creating stability for families. Buyer agents play an essential role in this journey. They are the advocates who navigate the complexities of the real estate market, negotiate terms and secure the best possible outcomes for their clients. This is especially crucial for first-time buyers, who often lack the knowledge and experience needed to successfully purchase a home.

Gary Acosta, co-founder of NAHREP, eloquently highlighted the challenges faced by buyer’s agents. He noted that top real estate coaches often dismiss representing buyers as less lucrative and more labor-intensive compared to representing sellers. However, this viewpoint overlooks the profound impact buyer’s agents have on their clients’ lives. Agents like myself, who choose to focus on buyers, do so because we are committed to more than just financial gain; we are dedicated to the people we serve.

Recently, we at NAHREP had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Lael Brainard, director of the National Economic Council in the White House, alongside Gary and our government relations leader, Jason Riveiro. During this discussion, I shared my experience of working with first-time buyers, often spending up to six months preparing them for homeownership. This preparation includes educating clients about the market, helping them improve their credit and guiding them through the financial processes. The dedication required for this work is immense, but the reward of handing over the keys to a new homeowner is unparalleled.

Buyer’s agents are not just facilitators; they are educators and advocates. They help clients understand the financial benefits of homeownership, such as building equity and achieving long-term financial stability. In my practice, particularly within the Hispanic community, providing bilingual support and culturally relevant resources is crucial. My team at Century 21 Americana in Nevada is committed to this cause, ensuring that every client feels supported and empowered throughout their homebuying journey.

As the president of NAHREP, I am dedicated to ensuring that our members have the tools and resources needed to continue this vital work. The real estate industry is currently facing significant challenges, including proposed changes that could negatively impact first-time buyers. It is more important than ever to advocate for policies that lower barriers to entry and support buyer’s agents in their essential role.

Representing first-time homebuyers is not just a professional responsibility; it is a mission that aligns with our core values at NAHREP. By supporting buyer agents and advocating for equitable real estate practices, we can help more families achieve the dream of homeownership and build a stronger, more inclusive community. The work we do today will shape the future of our industry and ensure that the path to homeownership is accessible to all.

Nora Aguirre is the 2024 president of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.

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